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How To Find A Country's Covid Entry Requirements For Travel

We're all getting pretty fed up with the difficulties of COVID. Thankfully it's now becoming easier and easier to travel abroad as many countries reduce their entry requirements. This is mostly because vaccination efforts have meant that countries are able to enforce less stringent restrictions.

How Do You Find Entry Requirements?

So how do you find the entry requirements for the destinations that you wish to travel to? The best place to start is the homepage of Trekur.com. Here you can start by entering a departure country and a destination country. Once you've selected your journey, you'll be brought to a page all about that country. The thing that you are looking for is the travel entry requirements. You can either scroll down to it, or click the link in the left hand side bar. Once you've got to the part detailing entry requirements, you'll find that it's a fantastic tool; because this not only details the COVID requirements, but can also detail other entry restrictions that may stop you travelling to that country.


Keep This In Mind...

It's worth saying that these tools are not always 100% reliable because the destination Government can change their restrictions at a moments notice, and given that there are hundreds of countries, it takes time for that change to be found. Having said that, the great advantage with Trekur.com, is that you are also provided (for most countries) a button that will take you directly to the Government page for that particular country, with the details on restrictions listed directly from the countries Government. This gives you extra security to be sure the requirements are correct.

Do remember that countries change these at a moments notice, so even if the entry requirements are correct at one point in time, they could change drastically by the next day. Given that COVID restrictions are in general being reduced, going forward you should be fairly sure that travelling will be safe. The only exception is if a very, very significant new variant emerged.

So, get going on Trekur.com and find your next trip!

Written by Wayne Covell on 9/1/2022

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