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Lincoln - An Old City With A Modern Twist

Lindum Colonia

Lindum Colonia was a city founded by the Romans in around 48CE on the site of an Iron Age settlement. Since then, what we now know as Lincoln has had a fortress built, later a castle, an ornate cathedral (which for a while was the tallest building in the world), and was home to a thriving medieval community.

More Than It's History

But Lincoln isn't just beautiful and historical architecture, it's now a modern, thriving metropolis thanks in great part to the University of Lincoln, bringing youth, foreign students and a lot of money to what is generally an ageing and rural county.

Lincoln is one of those places where you can walk around such pretty buildings that it throws you back in time, yet a short walk later has you in all the modern chain and unique independent shops that you need.

Hidden Gems

Furthermore, there are some fantastic hidden gems, such as; Angel Coffee House - a cafe inside an old church, Rising Cafe - A restaurant that transports you back to the war with it's highly British aesthetic, or Stokes High Bridge Cafe - The oldest bridge with houses and shops still on it, dating from 12th Century.

There's a lot of history in Lincolnshire that people don't necessarily know about, and much of it can be learned about from the History Of Lincolnshire Museum, the Castle of Lincoln and the BBMF (Battle Of Britian Memorial Flight). That latter attraction brings many a visitor, as it's based inside a currently active Royal Air Force base, where you can often see the latest fighter jets taking to the skies for training.

Visit Today

When travelling through this part of the country, don't overlook Lincoln, as it's a surprising mix of interesting, beautiful and fun.

Written by Wayne Covell on 22/12/2021

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