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Ottawa - The Unique Capital Of Canada

A Capital Like No Other

Ottawa really is unique when it comes to capital cities. To start with, it's relatively small for such a big country. Ottawa sits in the province of Ontario, yet despite being the Capital of Canada is not the capital of the province, a title which goes to Toronto, a much bigger city. You'd be forgiven for thinking that Toronto is actually the Capital of Canada.

Why Visit Ottawa?

So Why go to Ottawa? Well because of it's small size, it's very homely, you can soon get to know all the unique areas which are easy to walk between.

Ottawa also has it's fair share of natural beauty, with lakes, forests, woodland walks, and the gorgeous River Ottawa.

Straddling Two Cultures

The thing I like the most about Ottawa, however, is it's unique position in Canada. The main city sits on the southern border of the River Ottawa, in the province of Ontario yet you just walk across the river and you are in Quebec, a province that mostly speaks French. This means you go about your day in one language, cross the river and suddenly all the signs and shopkeepers start talking to you in a different language.


There are many reasons to visit Ottawa, and to this day remains one of my favourite cities.

Written by Wayne Covell on 10/12/2021

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